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why i'll never have a boyfriend - we_are_aim [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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why i'll never have a boyfriend [Dec. 3rd, 2008|02:00 am]


hardcorehallie (1:51:54 AM): on halloween night like half of our convo was about his ex gf who he took on a trip to like aruba or something and he bought her a diamond tennis bracelet
hardcorehallie (1:51:57 AM): these are not things i want
hardcorehallie (1:52:14 AM): he can spend money on me, sure, but we're gonna have to get him a different catalog to pick from
Lulzatron2000 (1:53:12 AM): hahahahaha
Lulzatron2000 (1:53:15 AM): like never aruba
hardcorehallie (1:53:18 AM): maybe change aruba to ibiza and the tennis bracelet to a tiara
Lulzatron2000 (1:53:22 AM): like Cape Town and make it like a diamond flask
hardcorehallie (1:53:26 AM): hahahahahahaha
Lulzatron2000 (1:53:42 AM): lolz yours was rly good too
Lulzatron2000 (1:53:46 AM): im tearing up
hardcorehallie (1:53:48 AM): i like both
hardcorehallie (1:53:51 AM): me too
Lulzatron2000 (1:54:06 AM): and theres the accent again "maybe froma different catalog betch"
hardcorehallie (1:54:11 AM): hahahahaha
Lulzatron2000 (1:54:27 AM): "whic tennis bracelet do you like honey?"
Lulzatron2000 (1:54:33 AM): and you just give him 'the look'
hardcorehallie (1:54:51 AM): hahaha
hardcorehallie (1:55:10 AM): "i want a diamond encrusted iphone. and don't call me honey"